Thursday, January 28, 2010


By Kanu priya
Those school days, who can forget, one goal achieved another set.
That childhood behavior, those funky pranks, kabhi irritating others to kabhi getting ranks.
That laughing n chatting about all that is new, sometimes about pipe, sometimes about dew.
Many a times keeping each other stupid names n always playing those foolish games.
Burning mid night oil with those silent tears,
Each time studying harder at the end of the years.
Those masti with friends, those disturbing trends.
Sometimes life looks running slow n steady, sometimes fast, always in class uttering altu, faltu n bakwaas.
Talking about kangaroo’s cells, kabhi putting ink on each other, kabhi gel.
Those having crushes on pals, those pinches n slaps that long n loving chats.
That getting kicked out of class,
Those struggles for marks.
That writing on desk, those fighting with friends’ n making a mess.
Those late night talks, those ajeeb n funny walks.
Those birthday bumps, sweetest moments, those folic n funs.
That taking pangas with teacher every time,
That giggling at them n makes their faces RED all the while.
That singing songs in the classes, that getting scolding from bigger masses (teachers).
Those folly actins n nostalgic styles, kabhi preparing project kabhi files.
Those kiddies fights for Pepsi n chocolates,
Sometimes discussing of past, sometimes about mates.
Calling boys as jiju’s n girls as bhabhis’,
Those funny comments about barat n shadis’.
Making Baneet pair Jitu n getting Mamta, in between saying ‘me too’.
Those tear for friends’ n love, sometimes getting out of mind kabhi getting into nerves.
That immense care for dudes, sometimes getting funny, sometimes rude.
Those foolish comments for my terrorist gang,
And in class for music n masti like sing n sang.
All stupid things we did n say,
To be remembered when we are away.
We had being together in god time’s n bad
N with a smile made each other glad.
What could be nicer that seeing n being with u
And just talking awhile, fondly recalling our memories too,
And though we are apart,
J know I’ll always be in ur heart.
I know it’s scary to know n believing it too,
But thank goodness for such a stupid friends,
Friends just like “U”
After this separation I gonna miss u all
N say u

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