Friday, October 15, 2010

The Departure

I never wanted to see you cry..
I never wanted you to shed a tear..
But i had to leave...and this u have to understnd..
I cant b there for you forever...
My love

Please dont get me wrong..u always will have my heart..
You always will have my soul..
I just cant live without you..but u see i have to go..
I have to leave right now..
Please dont cry..make me strong...
My love..

I have spend my entire life with your love
and now when its time for me to leave..
I know u will b sad...
But i just wanna see u smile..n allow me..
I never wanted to see u cry...
But i have to go...
My love

Monday, September 6, 2010

Celebrating pain!

My life has always been so eventful, since childhood...
From the pain to the struggle of love...
everyone experiences these things but in different ways.
But till now i never saw my pain through the eyes of others, its more painful to see myself in trouble when i look at it from others' point of view....ouch! it hurts alot.
Life has been a roller coaster ride for me, but i never imagined it to hit the bottom so badly.
Friends have to always been good to me. Mostly they were my only hope to survive. Friends have loved me more than my family.ALWAYS. My school friends are still the best people i have around. Over years i have got along with many many people and many became my best friends too! but until now no one, none of my friend hurted me to such an extent! Infact no one was so close to hurt me like this.
People i trust, are mostly the people who hurts me alot. People i never give chance to, are mostly the best people in my life.Strange, but so true.
And i am so surprised to see who my real friends are.
Love-the strangest feeling of the world! Love only comes from someone who will always be there no matter what.There is nothing more stronger that loving someone and feeling the warmth of love.
Even though the pain and disappointment you feel is greater than the love itself its still worth its try.
If life was measured by accomplishments, most of us would die in infancy. Overall life is worth a try, as its only once we live.. so love, pain, struggle, learn, teach and help. That is the best thing that we can do in our life. Experience. And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the moments that takes our breath away...;)


Disappointment crushes us

When we're already at our worst...

It knocks us off our feet

How small! yet how it makes us creep!!

Disappointment stabs our heart

The one's we love most

in our lives stabs it until it bleeds

No matter how small, yet it makes us creep!!

The cold breezy night

takes away the sunshine of hope..

and leave us disappointed

with nothing to cope...

When only the dear ones hurt

it dosnt make any noise,

the heart when breaks

it leaves no hope..

Disappointment take us down to bottom rock...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Something unsaid

I have spent many sleepless nights....
sometimes times wondering what to do..
thinking of you wasn't a good job everytime...
it has made me cry more often..thn it could make me smile..
just a day or say almost 2 hours with u and after that i never got to see you again..
few more hours over phone and suddenly one day the phone never rang!!

why? where? when??
u got lost
Nobody knows...

I waited for you every second, every minute which turned into hours, days and months..
but there was no reply, not even a sound wen even one whisper cud have done...
Dont know where u got Lost!
why u left me alone..
Still wondering what happened along...

Even after so many months have passed, i dont know why u went away like that...
what urged you to leave me in the middle of the road...

you would never know how much it hurted me..
for every single second that i spent with your thoughts...

every morning i got up, i wanted to know about you...
but there was no sign of yours..

every afternoon i had my lunch..
i thought to ask you if you had yours...

every evening i left my office,
i thought to call you..
but it was never an effort of yours...

u would never know how i madly wanted you in my life & how badly i longed for you...

But at last, i was glad that you were gone..
but this ws just to realise
when you again turned up in my life...

to be continued.....

Thursday, January 28, 2010


By Kanu priya
Those school days, who can forget, one goal achieved another set.
That childhood behavior, those funky pranks, kabhi irritating others to kabhi getting ranks.
That laughing n chatting about all that is new, sometimes about pipe, sometimes about dew.
Many a times keeping each other stupid names n always playing those foolish games.
Burning mid night oil with those silent tears,
Each time studying harder at the end of the years.
Those masti with friends, those disturbing trends.
Sometimes life looks running slow n steady, sometimes fast, always in class uttering altu, faltu n bakwaas.
Talking about kangaroo’s cells, kabhi putting ink on each other, kabhi gel.
Those having crushes on pals, those pinches n slaps that long n loving chats.
That getting kicked out of class,
Those struggles for marks.
That writing on desk, those fighting with friends’ n making a mess.
Those late night talks, those ajeeb n funny walks.
Those birthday bumps, sweetest moments, those folic n funs.
That taking pangas with teacher every time,
That giggling at them n makes their faces RED all the while.
That singing songs in the classes, that getting scolding from bigger masses (teachers).
Those folly actins n nostalgic styles, kabhi preparing project kabhi files.
Those kiddies fights for Pepsi n chocolates,
Sometimes discussing of past, sometimes about mates.
Calling boys as jiju’s n girls as bhabhis’,
Those funny comments about barat n shadis’.
Making Baneet pair Jitu n getting Mamta, in between saying ‘me too’.
Those tear for friends’ n love, sometimes getting out of mind kabhi getting into nerves.
That immense care for dudes, sometimes getting funny, sometimes rude.
Those foolish comments for my terrorist gang,
And in class for music n masti like sing n sang.
All stupid things we did n say,
To be remembered when we are away.
We had being together in god time’s n bad
N with a smile made each other glad.
What could be nicer that seeing n being with u
And just talking awhile, fondly recalling our memories too,
And though we are apart,
J know I’ll always be in ur heart.
I know it’s scary to know n believing it too,
But thank goodness for such a stupid friends,
Friends just like “U”
After this separation I gonna miss u all
N say u

Friday, December 18, 2009

i reject to live widout love....

love is wen u r too confused abt watevr z happening around n still u feel happy wid such confusion....
love is wen u promise urself nt to call him/her n waits for his/her call d whole day...
love is wen he calls n u pretend to b busy wid other wrk but dnt wish to disconnect d call for hours....
love is wen d world looks all d more beautiful just wid his/her presence..
love is wen every mrng u wake up wid his/her drmz all night...
love is wen u sleep wid his/her thoughts in ur mind..
love is wen u love d world is wen everything is musical...
love is wen u love every sound...
i feel so much in love...
n i reject to live widout love...i reject to live wid out Ur love...


Friends are dustbins, in which we throw all our secrets.
Friends are horrible, they always force us..... to do better....
Friends are liars ,they lie for our benefits.
Friends are mathematicians, as they slove all our problems.
Friends are always crying , but they cry with us.. in our sorrows.
Friends always hate ,they hate our enemies.
A friend is always happy himself ,but only for u.
A friend is disgusting, he always stops u but....only on doing bad things.
A friend is someone on whom we can relay.
A friend is honest,A friend is true, A friend is loving........!!!!!!!!!!!!
A friend just like ????????!