Friday, October 15, 2010

The Departure

I never wanted to see you cry..
I never wanted you to shed a tear..
But i had to leave...and this u have to understnd..
I cant b there for you forever...
My love

Please dont get me wrong..u always will have my heart..
You always will have my soul..
I just cant live without you..but u see i have to go..
I have to leave right now..
Please dont cry..make me strong...
My love..

I have spend my entire life with your love
and now when its time for me to leave..
I know u will b sad...
But i just wanna see u smile..n allow me..
I never wanted to see u cry...
But i have to go...
My love


  1. I will sue you.. for writing down the ending turn of my LOVE STORY